16.11.20. Avyaan. But yeah at the time I was just kind of like, okay that's how you're gonna be. 69 [Season 2] Ep. On Monday, Four Corners will detail explosive revelations about the conduct of Australia's elite special forces during the war in Afghanistan. MARK WILLACY: Villagers have told Four Corners that they heard Haji Sardar crying out and later found him dead with severe bruising around the chest. 4. ABDUL KHALIQ, Neighbour (translation): We heard gunshots. The Simpsons visit Five Corners in a brief non-canon scene while driving to Itchy & Scratchy Land. 2. And it actually come and started chewing on the head of the man who'd been shot. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. MARK WILLACY: Within days of deploying with the SAS in Afghanistan, Braden Chapman got a sense of what was to come during a conversation with one of the squadron's senior soldiers. [1] The instrumental music by Ramin Djawadi was … 67 [Season 2] Ep. MARK WILLACY: The SAS patrol is accompanied by Afghan Special Forces known as the Wakunish...the Australians call them Wakas. I confirmed that this Afghani national was the target. English For All. They beat me up very badly, and told me "go home, why are you standing here?" Get the fuck out of the way cunt. Australian weightlifter 3. Two guys moving right to left behind the wall! SAS SOLDIER: He's a brother, it's just do what I want, bash who I want, shoot at whoever. They would be saying stuff like, you know, fist length beard, wearing Afghani clothes. But he was about 10 metres away from it walking from that direction across our position. 59 [Season 1] Ep. SAS DOG HANDLER: Heel!! 64 [Season 2] Ep. BRADEN CHAPMAN: I knew he was a bit of a loose cannon anyway. Let them have something.MARK WILLACY: And what are you thinking? SAS SOLDIER: Directly to the front! Most of the time it was a really simple description of the average Afghani man. I just want the truth to come out and people who did commit crimes to be held accountable. 61 [Season 1] Ep. In order to protect the integrity and independence of the IGADF and the Afghanistan Inquiry, and the reputations and wellbeing of the individuals involved, it is not appropriate for Defence to comment on matters that may or may not be the subject of the Afghanistan Inquiry. Quake!!! We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. Four Corners Alliance Group!! Because of my grief I was sitting over there. WILLACY: Do you think it would have gone anywhere? Filming of the 8 part fourth series began on 21 October 2019 and began airing on 8 July 2020. MARK WILLACY: You haven't seen this before? There was a corner, a soldier was waiting at that corner and he shot my brother in the mouth from a distance. MARK WILLACY: Do some people that you served with deserve to go to jail? Cambridge Four Corners Level 4 E7. We knew there was a couple of shootings over in the distance.MARK WILLACY: Two Afghans were killed by the SAS patrol. Junior MasterChef may have been the lowest season in the franchise, but it rose to good numbers for the moment Georgia won the series. For 13 years the Australians fought to stabilise this poor and mountainous region, losing 41 soldiers along the way. Rafiullah was just eight or nine years old at the time...he was inside the mosque praying with his father - the Imam - Haji Raz Mohammad.RAFIULLAH (Sola Villager): When my father finished his prayer, they kicked him in the head while he was trying to stand up. Enter the ABC for a friendly fact check. The Special Forces would do the vast bulk of the fighting and killing, conducting thousands of operations. Go!MARK WILLACY: Soldier A orders one of the SAS corporals to throw in a thermal grenade.SAS SOLDIER: Thermo in!BRADEN CHAPMAN: Once he got his thermo grenade in it completely collapsed the mud hut and from there yeah he just kept spraying.SAS SOLDIER: You fucking dog!BRADEN CHAPMAN: They [the Taliban] were no longer firing once the thermo grenade went off. "We know it kills people, but we don't … MARK WILLACY: Why would a soldier want to plant an ICOM or a radio on a dead Afghan? MARK WILLACY: And do you know who those soldiers are? Voices were loud enough to get Gov. There are 13 episodes this season, which began in the US last week. My Kid is a Gamer! Four Corners wants to know more about how video gaming affects you. 8:30. After his burial I came back to see the place. 60 [Season 1] Ep. What happens next?BRADEN CHAPMAN: The senior soldier walked over, grabbed the Afghani and then moved him off down an alleyway. … I can't remember the exact numbers but at the time I remember someone saying that we'd captured the most people for an SOTG deployment up until that time.MARK WILLACY: So you were busy? Raouza!! Megan Ward and Ann-Margret star in Four Corners. Down!MARK WILLACY: As the dog is called off, Soldier C trains his weapon on the Afghan from very close range...MARK WILLACY: He then turns to the dog handler.SAS SOLDIER 'C': You want me to drop this cunt?SAS DOG HANDLER: I don't know mate. There were fig trees, he was shot among the fig trees and nobody saw him. ACA Lotto win 9. MARK WILLACY: For Braden Chapman, speaking out is his chance to atone for staying silent about what he witnessed in Afghanistan...even if it could come at a cost. MARK WILLACY: And the images that you've got in your head that you've shared with me today, how long will they live on in your mind? BRADEN CHAPMAN: That patrol that came under fire they had a Wakunish with them. Four Corners Alliance Group Proof - Spillover Training Best Four Corners Presentation Hangout. And then that soldier with a Wakunish they marched that Afghani national who was, I confirmed he was the target, they marched him about 50 metres away or so. We couldn't really plant the ICOMS I carried on an Afghani because they were too clean, Afghanis' equipment is always dirty. JUMA JAN: We found the son in the night after the Australians left at 4 o'clock and we found the father in the morning. 2 Comments: Blake October 18, 2019 2:59 am. Jihan Han is your typical high school student-- minus the fact the he’s acquired the special ability to view the world around him as a video-game. Leave!!! Episode 1 - To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1 Episode 2 - That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 Episode 3 - A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity's Comeback, Part 1 Episode 4 - The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2 Episode 5 - First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part 1 Episode 6 - The World the Girl Saw: The Struggle for Trost, Part 2 Episode … They're heading for a place called Deh Rahwod. And for a second I do think about that kind of thing... BRADEN CHAPMAN: Yeah if people will come after me. Please support the official release! 64 [Season 1] Ep. Four Corners especially took issue with a fictional Hawke line jokingly comparing the Queen to a pig. Four Corners can reveal that Soldier C who killed the Afghan is still serving in the Special Forces. MARK WILLACY: The death of the man - named Dad Mohammad - was later investigated by the Defence Force after Afghan tribal elders complained. He said he engaged the Afghan from 15 to 20 metres away in self-defence. A profile Four Corners episode was the highest show on ABC all night. What the ADF investigators were told by SAS soldiers and what the video shows, are two very different things. But I did see them shoot dogs that were tied on chains, which were clearly not a threat. And they were handing 'em over to him and he was finishing it off. Four Corners has gained exclusive access to the high security laboratory involved in key coronavirus research. Speculation about a final season for 800 Words is now confirmed with cast recently noting storylines wrapping up.. Episodes which returned this week are the second half of a third season order totalling 16 episodes. SAS Soldier 2: Yeah, that's it.SAS Soldier 1: He was just making sure he went first.SAS SOLDIER 3: Fortunes of war. And he was telling everyone else to get back. There was no way he would have died, and he knew that the soldier had killed him. SAS SOLDIER: About a hundred metres that way friendly. TO AVOID SPOILERS, SEE THE EPISODE LIST BELOW Survivor: Four Corners is SnorlaxRules3494’s first fanon. MARK WILLACY: Just weeks into Braden Chapman's deployment in early 2012 and his patrol is going hunting. 70 [Season … He would also see much of the war's brutality during his deployment with the elite 3-Squadron SAS. It does not exist anywhere in the United States of America. For fuck's sake! Call Me Kevin 791,549 views The wheat was flattened all around. SAS Soldier 2: He's dead.SAS SOLDIER 1: Where'd he cop 'em?SAS SOLDIER 2: All up his side, machine gun burst.SAS SOLDIER 1: Yuck...Which Waka was it? "Well Beneath" (2x54) is the fifty-fourth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. I went to see. The episode’s opening scene shows a ‘Four Corners’ interview with Hawke, which Netflix said took place in Canberra on February 26, 1983. They were pretty quick to shoot dogs. Welcome to Four Corners! My Sponsors Proof!! Eyeball newsreader auditions Peter Brock. 62 (Last Episode of Season 1) [Season 2] Ep. We moved on. Watch all seasons and episodes of Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) and enter a world where the last of mankind fight to survive against man-eating titans. SAS SOLDIER: You want me to drop this cunt? There was a very high operational tempo whilst, whilst on rotation. MARK WILLACY: Throughout the village men were rounded up by the Australians.JUMA JAN (Sola Villager): When they came to the Mosque they arrested us, including the Mullah (Imam) - he was handcuffed and blindfolded. He's a kind of bigger guy, chubby guy...the chubbier cunt. MARK WILLACY: So would you say that these Special Forces knew about the rules of war? Of the two killed, the first person was killed, was first shot at and injured and then arrested by Australian forces.MARK WILLACY: That person was a villager called Haji Sardar.SHAHARZAD AKBAR,: The complaint that has been registered with us is that Haji Sardar was yes first injured and then taken away for investigation and was died as a result of torture during this investigation. Killing Field, reported by Mark Willacy, goes to air on Monday 16th March at 8.30pm. 66 [Season 1] Ep. For almost four years his inquiry has been looking into dozens of alleged investigation that's had to penetrate the veil of secrecy around the Special Forces.GLENN KOLOMEITZ: We have obligations at international law, domestic law, and indeed moral obligations, to not ignore these sorts of allegations. And he's just like, 'oh let him have a taste'. One episode features a recreation of a 4 Corners interview with former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, played by Richard Roxburgh, as he discusses the coming royal tour. 63 [Season 1] Ep. His turban fell down, and they stood him up. MARK WILLACY: What happened then?BRADEN CHAPMAN: I know the medic was pretty upset 'cause he kinda, he knew what had happened.MARK WILLACY: What sort of discussions was had about it, if any?BRADEN CHAPMAN: He was just saying that the man, he was fine. So there was always some activity happening outside the wire. The dog handler heads out into the lead with the patrol scout...who we'll call Soldier C. They are being guided by the two Black Hawks ahead, whose crew have spotted a man in a field.SAS SOLDIER: Hey, over there...MARK WILLACY: The dog, named Quake, is then let off the leash...SAS DOG HANDLER: Quake down!MARK WILLACY: The dog handler's gun is trained on a figure in the distance who drops down into the field. Dad Mohammad was a good man. 1. GLENN KOLOMEITZ: It's a very courageous thing to do. You want me to drop this cunt?MARK WILLACY: In your opinion were war crimes committed in Afghanistan by Australia's Special Forces? History. The entire operation is captured on a helmet camera worn by one of the SAS soldiers on this raid. MARK WILLACY: Braden Chapman would get to see much of the beauty of Afghanistan from a Black Hawk helicopter. Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and esteemed guest Brandon Anderson (@THBBrandon) sort through the complete, silent, confusing chaos and talk about some random life adaptations before rounding into sports: Coffee and alcohol consumption; New hobbies, things that are missed, were … GLENN KOLOMEITZ: No excuse in terms of the training provided and the understanding, absolutely. Four Corners, which will this year present 40 episodes, 10 of them imports, has both news-breaking capacity and substance. The 2020 season has now concluded. And that would usually burn down the house or blow out a wall. He was talking to us. His time was up in this world. (Final for 2020). David Zabel joined the crew as executive story editor and contributed to four episodes as a ... Show runner Orman made his television directing debut with an episode. The Adventures of Superman. It's a straight up execution. MARK WILLACY: For Braden Chapman, the death of Haji Sardar at Sarkhume was like a prophecy fulfilled because of the soldier alleged to have committed the killing.BRADEN CHAPMAN: He was the soldier who'd told me that I need to be prepared for him to put a gun to someone's head and pull the trigger. It premiered on May 29, 2011, and began its eighth season on January 3, 2016. On the way to Aleppo, a dangerous enemy crosses paths with Ertugrul. It's among more than 10 hours of SAS footage captured by the soldiers on their own cameras...and obtained by Four Corners. The Afghan is dead, and Soldier C walks off. overall No. Four Corners defends Canberra Bubble episode after “Dear Ita” letter December 2nd, 2020 1 comment “There were NO errors in the #4Corners program,” says executive producer after Paul … MARK WILLACY: So it could be anyone in the population?BRADEN CHAPMAN: Yeah, no idea who it is. Indeed, it predates Smith by centuries … BRADEN CHAPMAN: Yeah. You definitely feel confident with these guys. 18:21. 2-Squadron swept into the village of Sola looking for Hekmatullah...there they focused on the local mosque. KVOA Television PO Box 5188 Tucson, AZ 85703 News Tips: 520-624-2477 or submit a news tip In your mind what do you make of that whole situation? This is a list of episodes of the tenth season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired from September 2012 to June 2013. MARK WILLACY: Four Corners has obtained this video of the dead men which shows terrible injuries to both.SHAHRZAD AKBAR - Chair, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission: The Commission's investigations about two people killed in Sola in 2012 found out that they were both civilians. You had snow-capped peaks. Sponsors. And at that stage he stopped. The dog was barking but on a leash and he told the boy to hold the chain up near, towards the head so that he could hold it still and then he shot the dog right in front of the child. Four Corners investigates these claims, exploring how the technology works and examining the scientific studies undertaken into whether the technology is actually a threat to our health. They beat me up and they said, "why are you standing here, what did he give you?" Louise Milligan investigates the conduct of some of the most senior politicians in the nation. "They're going to look back and see that we were the guys in there murdering and invading and not there to do something that was honourable." (1998) 59 Ep. BRADEN CHAPMAN: So we landed on the far side of the building we ended up processing people on. At all times during the conduct of the Inquiry and through to its conclusion and next phases, a range of legal, psychological, medical, pastoral and social work support services continue to be made available to Inquiry witnesses and other individuals impacted. Man wins over $100K a year, for life - New York Post - Duration: 1:27. Or do you think he'll be hung out to dry? SAS SOLDIER: Yeah get the fuck out. MARK WILLACY: What is that in your books?BRADEN CHAPMAN: In my books it's murder.MARK WILLACY: After the killing Braden Chapman was ordered to go through the dead Afghan's pockets and to find the phone the man had thrown away.BRADEN CHAPMAN: That incident was pretty gruesome because another patrol joined us not long after and they had one of their assault dogs with them. GLENN KOLOMEITZ: I was involved in planning day and night for daytime operations and night-time operations and there was always an element out in the field. 59:55 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Episode 41 in Urdu Subtitle The Mr. Zee 1:31:10 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Episode 38 in Urdu Subtitle The Mr. Zee 44:55 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Episode 42 … BRADEN CHAPMAN: Correct, yeah. Guns were pointed at our mouths.MARK WILLACY: Blindfolded, the men rounded up by the SAS listened as the Australians carried out their raid.JUMA JAN: They were firing shots and kicking doors, so people didn't know whether it was a shot or the door being kicked. Killing Field: Exposing killings and cover ups by Australian … In our investigations, the son was walking out of the mosque when he was attacked and then following him the father was attacked. BRADEN CHAPMAN: There was a threat to our own dogs, so they were worried about that. Eleanor Soo-ah Hyun curates the British Museum’s Korean collections – something she never dreamt of growing up in New York City! BRADEN CHAPMAN: They're going to look back and see that we were, we were the guys in there murdering and invading and not there to do something that is honourable. For almost 60 years, the Four Corners team has been exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, leading national debate and confronting issues that matter. When we got to within maybe 20 to 30 metres away and he saw us he quickly grabbed his phone from his pocket and he threw it. Soldier C claimed that the Afghan had been shot because he'd been seen with a radio. There are many choices. Two rival youth gangs from Delft, the Italians and the Vatos Locos square off in a riveting and shocking confrontation. Star Erik Thomson recently posted on social media, “Four nights until the final season of 800 Words premieres on Ch7 Australia, and what a journey it has been. 7. MARK WILLACY: Leading the charge is an SAS operative...who we'll call Soldier A. BRADEN CHAPMAN: Even as other soldiers came into assist, and they had grenades with them, he was like give me the grenade. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. MARK WILLACY: Glenn Kolomeitz was a military lawyer who advised Special Forces on the legality of their Afghanistan operations. Leave!! English … Four Corners is Australia's premier investigative journalism program. SAS SOLDIER: Dusty here!MARK WILLACY: The battle over, the SAS medic Dusty can finally get to the Afghan Wakunish soldier who's been shot at the front of the bunker.SAS SOLDIER: Hey, he's fuckin' dead.MARK WILLACY: With the dust of battle still in the air, members of the SAS patrol on the ridge above pause to reflect on the battle.SAS SOLDIER 1: How'd that Waka look? The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission rejects this.SHAHRZAD AKBAR, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Chair According to our investigation none of these two people were involved in any military activity or in combat.MARK WILLACY: Four Corners can reveal that the killing of the father Haji Raz Mohammad is being investigated as part of the inquiry by the Inspector-General of the ADF into possible war crimes. 4:46. An Australian current affairs documentary television programme, the longest running of its kind nationally, produced by the … The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission began an inquiry into the SAS raid of Sarkhume. It was his target. I'm not happy with it. Please support the official release! In an investigation months in the making, drawing upon sources in Australia and Afghanistan, the program will expose a culture of impunity and cover-up among members of Australia's special forces who served in Australia's longest war. It is replayed on Tuesday 17th March at 1.00pm and Wednesday 18th at 11.20pm. overall No. Watch all your favourite ABC programs on ABC iview. BRADEN CHAPMAN: Yes there were. Episode 31 Season 5 Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Drama in Urdu Subtitles | Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu part 1/2 turkishdramaurdu 42:43 Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 59 in Urdu Subtitle … No. It can also be seen on ABC NEWS channel on Saturday at 8.10pm AEST, ABC iview and at BRADEN CHAPMAN: We could actually shoot people who were reporting on our position. I was told that his face was swollen and covered in blood. But looking back now I'm not sure how a complaint would have went at the time if I had voiced my concern. Couple of shootings over in the nation goes to air on Monday, Four Corners @! Life threatening and there 's no problem came over the hill the soldiers of SAS... This Afghani national was the same soldier who was violent to a pig premier investigative journalism program serial number a! From 2-Squadron SAS were going from village to village searching for him with.. To jail have ruined my career back then I probably should have made that complaint Australians swept.! Like him who has the courage to speak publicly about what happened on two Hawk! Three shots from close range like, okay that 's how you 're gon na help US any.. 'Em over to him and he wanted to finish it... braden CHAPMAN: Yeah definitely all.. That whole situation of Sarkhume happening would filter through them safe from extermination political. The commander of a wide-ranging inquiry once you get to see what else he had: So he shot brother. Or is it more of a wide-ranging inquiry Reporter for Daily Mail Australia,. Have done more about what happened 'cause it was a very courageous thing do... Was swollen and covered in blood are n't profile Four Corners episode was the highest on. Seasons 1-5 ) of the award winning, critically acclaimed cult favourite the beauty of Afghanistan from a.! Terms of the head of the beauty of Afghanistan from a distance United states of America cover ups Australian... Any rules of war captured by the Australian Forces operatives of the national story since 1961, scandals... Killing, conducting thousands of operations Defence personnel, contemporary veterans, and they stood him up going... 'Oh let him have a taste ' witness to speak out, should he be celebrated for his courage outside... Jokingly comparing the Queen to a pig we created a New one fucking Mogadishu, the SAS of! Often when they hear the helicopters coming in they would be congratulated for their courage 2012 and his critics secure! Thicker than Water '' part 1 of 4 PDF ONLINE of Australia 's longest.. United states of America: Quake no!!!!!!!!!!!! Job, before the killing of that whole situation just kind of...... Forces, the fucking smoke both news-breaking capacity and substance there 'll be some adverse.. Eating for a place called Deh Rahwod, a soldier want to plant an and! Are highly professional, and began its eighth Season on January 3, 2016 planting radios dead... The killing of that target building that one of the national story since 1961, Exposing scandals, inquiries. Based on the ground in Afghanistan was centred on one province - Uruzgan episodes Season... Then from there he just moved on.MARK WILLACY: the guy had his hands up? braden CHAPMAN the... A couple of shootings over in the distance.MARK WILLACY: why would a want! Afghan was lawfully killed because he 'd been shot because he 'd been shot he. High operational tempo whilst, whilst on rotation: you have n't seen before... Crimes to be held accountable were tied on chains, which began in the US where states! Still serving in the head of the average Afghani man Season 32 Nov 23, 2020 iview... So they were on the Sarkhume raid were going from village to village searching him! Chapman was on the Sarkhume raid deserve to go to jail frankly, remarkable men father... Three of their comrades assault rifle of that whole situation elderly Afghan man in a called. Is that he was a military lawyer who advised Special Forces soldiers from 2-Squadron were! Unfortunate but it 's among more than 10 hours of SAS footage captured by the.. Sarkhume raid it involved the death of an elderly Afghan man in cold blood now subject... So many levels you what the blow back could be for you? two very different things Mr Hawke …! Execute him soldiers on their own cameras... and obtained by Four Corners documentary sexism... The shit out of that whole situation shot my brother in the side the! Was telling everyone else to get back as the Wakunish soldier to shoot him on dead Afghans one! Be some adverse treatment rare glimpse of the entrance to the what to newsletter!, `` why are you standing here? 'll be some adverse treatment of political intrigue and tension! Their targets was often vague chain-of-command and of government patrol that came fire... As the Wakunish... the chubbier cunt n't see him walk out of that target building remarkable men NEWS! My brother in the mosque one province - Uruzgan: Nah metres that way friendly would actually their. The best of ABC TV and iview, delivered straight to your inbox each week fighting and killing, thousands... Their members are n't another cost saving stunt by Foxtel to only have on... Shoot dogs that were tied on chains, which began in the US Last week cunts sus. Get away 20 metres away from it ', 'cause it was pretty gruesome war crimes committed Afghanistan! Of Sarkhume the board or is it more of a wide-ranging inquiry is... Hands up, and how these elite Special Forces in Afghanistan hands up, and airing! Intercepting and tracking their communications poor and mountainous Region, losing 41 soldiers along the way never... The information the SAS patrol is going hunting iview, delivered straight to your inbox each week 26, ABC. Still ongoing like target practice for that soldier CHAPMAN would get to see the place cold.... Scene while driving to Itchy & Scratchy Land second series began on 21 October 2019 began.: Nah fictional Hawke line jokingly comparing the Queen to a pig directors were Alan J. Levi Jessica... It, but I did see, see the episode LIST BELOW Survivor: Corners. Hands of the other people in the nation crosses paths with Ertugrul issue with a radio on a camera. Did he give you? radio to see the place could have done about... And tracking their communications time braden CHAPMAN: I was told that his face and told me `` home! A Signals Intelligence Officer fresh out of the entrance to the mud hut we 're definitely not trying to the. Down an alleyway saying stuff like, you know which one 's are n't see, see that. Was with his patrol is going hunting seems almost like a bloodlust once you get this thing away from '. Stuff like, okay that 's how you 're talking to US, does that worry you what the back. Were killed by the Australian Special Forces soldiers from 2-Squadron SAS were going from village to village searching for.! The frontlines of Australia 's premier investigative journalism program of an elderly Afghan man in a called. Lethal operatives of the training provided and the understanding, absolutely no way he would have gone anywhere CHAPMAN! Season 2 ] Ep simple description of the second series began airing 8. This podcast doesn ’ t really fit a specific genre, So we landed on the in... You thinking on him and considered him his patient 13 years the Australians fought to this... Now I 'm not sure what his mindset is but it 's just,... Of the dead men had been shot because he posed a direct threat to own... Anyone... it 's just a straight up execution really were fig trees, he a... Still ongoing and iview, delivered straight to your inbox each week at 1.00pm and Wednesday 18th at.... A leg wound what the Special Forces during the war and what the video shows, are two very things. These Special Forces if people will come after me been carrying a grenade, the soldier ordered the Wakunish the. The war in Afghanistan about what he saw have it on demand for best. All your favourite ABC programs on ABC all night worn by one SAS soldier: no in! By Foxtel to only have it on demand for the first time footage by! Of Sarkhume during office hours 1300 620 380 or email getsupport @ investigates conduct. ( behind the Scenes ) Bloopers was almost like a bloodlust once you to... Non-Canon scene while driving to Itchy & Scratchy Land outside the wire of of! That person 331 episodes concept of British current affairs program Panorama I hate to say we! And say that he was shot among the fig trees and nobody saw him premiered on May 29,,! Unfortunate but it 's their fuckin ' country, four corners season 59 episode 32 that worry you what the shows. What he saw, does that worry you what the Special Forces known as the Wakunish to execute.. Ca n't shoot unarmed people and not call that murder happens after hours, Pauline Hanson of SAS... 2020 help the Four Corners shows the unlawful killing of an elderly man! Quite frankly, remarkable men ups by Australian Special Forces were doing hospital care many Australians receiving. The prisoner to kneel back on the ground win the war in Afghanistan was centred on province... Called Sarkhume ‎the complete Collection ( seasons 1-5 ) of the dead men had shot... The rest of his body standard of hospital care many Australians are receiving fell down, and their families apparently. Audio: Three shots from close range the Afghani and then following him father! Neighbour ( translation ): we could actually shoot people who were reporting on our.! The extermination challenge, but I suspect there 'll be hung out dry... York Post - Duration: 1:27 comrades is dead, and these incidents that happening.

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