„This guide identifies the factors relevant to the quality of translation services for each step of a translation project … and… is intended for all parties involved, with different knowledge in the field of translation… This guide aims to provide a framework for setting specifications for translation projects. In this context, participants in a service contract can define the processes necessary to achieve a desired quality product, to meet the needs and expectations of the end consumer. The standard says that the TSP must have documented procedures for processing translation projects, contact with the client, quality assurance and customer respect, the TSP agreement. What is the translator`s role and what are his qualifications? Below are some of the terms defined in the standard: You will find the entire registration process explained on the corresponding website, as well as the list of DIN-EN registration trademark holders (about 250, mostly German, TSPs). If you think your services meet the requirements of EN 15038, you can sign up for DIN-CERCO. It costs you 57, which is a cheap price to pay to have a nice flag on the home page of your website! This does not, of course, certify their compliance with the requirements of the NORMES IN 15038.

At most, it testifies to your… 57 Payment to DIN-CERTCO and … germans` great marketing capabilities! In good conscience, none of the other major standards bodies in Europe (BSI and AFNOR) offer this service. This section of the standard is divided into three subsections dealing with project management, preparation and translation. FirsT, agreed or required quality: How far do you go in defining the level of quality required with your customers? The client quoted above (pharmaceutically) could have told you that „the document contains medical terms, and it is very important that the translation of these terms is correct.“ Well, this seems to be a pretty basic (and obvious) requirement with regard to medical translation (or indeed any other specialized field!). You would expect a translation of a medical document to be correct, would you not? However, most of the time, the agreed/required quality level is not formally defined or indicated. This is because most clients consider translation services to be pure merchandise. Other TSps can also calculate by target word (number of words in the translated document, based on a 30% increase in a document translated for example from English to French and a price to pay). „First and only… The company receives … IN 15038 for quality. The list above may seem impressive, and in fact, it is! To date (December 2007), only five national bodies have officially published this standard as part of their national catalogue of applicable standards, namely Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Austria. Us Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation F 2575-06 As we talk about standards (translations), let`s first take a look at what standard means.

„Certification is done when an accredited third party visits an organization, evaluates its management system and issues a certificate to show that the organization is complying with the principles established by the standard, so that industry best practices are respected“ (BSI).